The Jennings County Public Library is a center of community life, offering opportunities for people of all ages to GATHER, LEARN, KNOW, and GROW.

Long Range Plan

In 2011, the board of directors, a community survey and the library staff met to develop a three year strategic plan for the Jennings County Public Library. The final plan is a combination of ideas and effort by the community, board, and the staff.
Goal 1: Provide the community with a trained and highly motivated staff.

  • Maintain a staff that believes in the Library’s mission and values, consistently delivering excellent service to the community
  • 75% of staff members will attend one in-service, training, conference, or networking event annually
  • Train staff in basic reference skills and update training on an annual basis


1.1  In 2012, conduct a workload assessment to determine appropriate staffing needs resulting in cost savings for taxpayers and to promote fiscal responsibility
1.2  Provide training to appropriate library staff in areas such as customer service, time management, library resources and computer skills
1.4  Regularly reviewing and adapt procedures in order to provide patrons with the best service possible in the most efficient manner.
1.5  Aid staff in maintaining Indiana library certification by offering various educational opportunities
1.6  By 2013 cross training of all staff will be completed this will ensure that the patrons will receive the best customer service.
1.7  During each monthly staff meeting, assign one staff member to discuss a website, database, or reference question.


Goal 2:

Library will provide a significant collection of materials and other resources that chronicles the history of the community.

  • Increasing programming by 10% yearly concerning genealogical and historical research
  •  Provide increased access to information located in storage by 2015
  •  Increase public awareness and marketing of genealogical department via the website by 2013

2.1  In 2012 have a staff member developing and offering programs
2.2  Budget sufficient funds to accomplish increase to information in storage
2.3  Update the website semi-annually to continually promote current and additional resources


Goal 3:

Provide and expand products, services, and programs to meet the needs of the community.


  • Increase circulation by 10% each year over the next 3 years
  • Increase attendance at library programs by 20% each year over the next 3 years
  • Increase the number of programs by 20% each year

3.1  Expand or create programming for the following areas:

  • Computer classes
  •  Adult programs
  • Family programs
  • Home school programs
  • Young Adult programs
  • Outreach programs

3.2  Partner with the schools and other community groups to provide reading programs and activities
3.3  Create a survey for the public that will evaluate each program and ask for suggestions on future program by 2013


Goal 4:

To provide patrons with sufficient copies of popular materials in a broad range of formats.


  • Review and revise the collection development policy annually
  • Provide quality reader’s advisory service for all age groups
  • Promote the collection through a variety of materials
  • Strategies

4.1 Increase the materials budget by 5% over the next 3 years
4.2 Weed areas of the collection monthly based on a weeding schedule to be created in 2012
4.3 Shelve separately popular genres
4.6 Provide display shelving and display end panels that allow for the effective merchandising of materials by 2013.


Goal 5:

Increase public awareness and marketing of library materials, services and programs.

  • Increase targeted promotional efforts by 50%
  • See a 10% increase each year in the number of registered patrons
  • Increase the number of people that think of the library as a preferred source for informational and

Recreational Materials
5.1  Creating informative and eye-catching promotional materials which highlight the library’s programs and services, making the JCPL brand well-recognized throughout the community.
5.2  Develop attractive displays to merchandise current materials
5.3  Encourage staff and board participation in community organizations
5.4  Encourage board to attend one non-library program on behalf of the library annually
5.5  Encourage board to attend two library programs per year
5.6  Continuously improve and encourage the use of the library’s website

Board of Trustees
Mary Hougland, Director
Steve Massey, President
Glenda Kelley, Vice-President
Nancy Eastman, Treasurer
Charles Heilers, Secretary
Hope Elliott
Greg Hicks
Rita Hurley

The Jennings County Public Library is a center of community life, offering opportunities for people of all ages to gather, learn, know, and grow.
 (This Long Range Plan was approved by the Jennings County Public Library Board of Trustees)

Endowment Fund


  • Give a gift today to the library endowment fund. This fund is managed by the Jennings County Community Foundation.
  • Remember the library endowment fund for memorial or memory gifts.
  • Money or proceeds from a gift (stock or other property) is invested and only the earnings are spent according to your wishes.
  • Keep the library endowment fund in mind when you review your estate plans and the proceeds of your life insurance policies.
  • A gift to the endowment fund is tax deductible. Keep your money at home! You decide how the money will be spent.
  • Give a gift that “keeps on giving.” For example: a $1,000 gift to the endowment will allow the library to buy a new book each year on a subject of your choice– forever.
  • Members of the community must earn the benefits of your gifts to the endowment fund. They have to earn it the old fashioned way, by having to make the effort to benefit from the library.
  • Our goal is to raise $2,000,000 in the endowment fund.