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Annie Payne
(812) 346-2091 ext. 1232


  • beyond the sling
    The author describes how she forged positive relationships with her sons through Attachment Parenting practices, sharing advice on how to address a child’s needs without resorting to pop culture trends.
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    Bullied by two mean girls in her sixth-grade class, a lonely, plump girl gains self-confidence and makes new friends after a mysterious fox gently bites her.
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    Russell is a boy with severe autism, and this is his story. First published in 1992 as Russell Is Extra Special, now extensively updated. In Russell’s World, readers see the surprises, challenges and problems that Russell and his family experience as well as the happiness and rewards they recognize.
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    Ladybug Girl loves her mama, and can’t wait to spend the day with her. They plant flowers in the garden, share a special lunch, and enjoy a favorite movie. Together-time has never been so sweet. This simple story celebrates the special bond between moms and daughters, perfect for the youngest readers
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    Ravenpaw has settled into life on the farm, away from the forest and Tigerstar’s evil eye. He knows that leaving the warrior Clans was the right choice, and he appreciates his quiet days and peaceful nights with his best friend, Barley. But when five rogue cats from Twolegplace come to the barn seeking shelter, Ravenpaw’s new life is threatened. He and Barley must try to find a way to overpower the rogues – before they lose their home for good.