Jennings County Public Library Ready to achieve Net-Zero energy goal

The Jennings County Public Library is proud to announce it will soon become the largest net-zero energy use public library in Indiana. It is anticipated that the facility will produce energy greater than or equal than that it consumes

The library’s 33,000 square foot facility has made energy improvements in lighting, HVAC, Insulation and rooftop Solar and Solar Tracking Solutions that are helping contribute to the net-zero energy goals.

“This project combines an effort to both innovate and think critically about the impact that science can have on the world. Our net-zero goal is a way to reduce our global footprint and improve our community,” said Steve Massey, President of the Jennings County Public Library Board. “Net-zero is a process – and an opportunity for the public to learn with us.”

Solar Power

746 high-efficiency solar panels have been installed on the library’s rooftop and a solar powertracking system was installed on the main entrance.


The energy efficient indoor and outdoor lighting project will use LED technology to replace fluorescent and HID fixtures throughout the library. The financial benefit will be reduction in energy costs and longer lamp life.

“It is our objective, as well as others, to become more green,” said Mary Hougland, Library Director. This is about saving money, and planning for the future, but also a community statement. We hope this initiative will catch on and help the entire community.”

Over the last 12 months Jennings County Public Library has worked with Johnson Melloh Solutions and Harmon Construction to achieve net zero status.

The energy savings project was financed using a 15 year 3% bond issue. The yearly bond payment will be paid for by the reduction in utility cost each year. The public will have no tax increase and Johnson Melloh Solutions guaranteed the savings

“We want to thank Jennings County for being so aggressive on the move to becoming more self-sustainable and Duke Energy in allowing us to utilize their net metering renewable energy program”, stated Kurt Schneider, Vice President and Partner of Johnson Melloh Solutions. “Johnson Melloh Solutions is very excited to be such an integral part of this project and allowing us to utilize our expertise in energy savings projects and the use of renewable energy to achieve the net zero goal with no tax increase to the public. Without the vision of the Board, Administration and Committees for a Greener and Cleaner Building concept this project would not have been possible.”